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Worksheets «Squirrel and acorn»

Worksheets «Squirrel and acorn»
Worksheets «Squirrel and acorn»
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Tracing worksheets for children «Squirrel and Acorn» will help develop graphomotor and pre-writing skills of preschoolers. It is necessary to interest the child, create a specific goal, so that the baby would be interested in working with worksheets and carefully drawing along the lines. Such tasks require diligence and concentration of attention of preschoolers, so not every child can work with them for a long time.

The task is to help the squirrel get to acorn along a certain route (dotted line). For children who are not yet able to work with worksheets using pencils, you should offer to run their finger along the line and help the squirrel get to its favorite treat. Graphomotor tracing lines are structured according to complexity: from a straight line to lines with rounded or pointed corners, which will gradually complicate the task. 

Claudia Yordi Sánchez
04.06.2022 10:09
Woe gracias están increíbles
15.04.2023 06:33
I want to express my gratitude for such interesting materials
M. Jovita
19.04.2023 16:04
Nice path for each squirrel🐿 Thank you 🍂