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Memory activity «Road and cars»

Memory activity «Road and cars»
Memory activity «Road and cars»
Memory activity «Road and cars» - Image 2
Memory activity «Road and cars» - Image 3
Memory activity «Road and cars» - Image 4
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With the help of the learning game «Road and cars», children will be able to train memory and logical thinking. Memory activities for preschoolers are important for learning the required amount of information.

Firstly, you need to print out a PDF file, cut out car templates and cards with a set of colors. Choose any template with a set of four different colors, place in the appropriate cell, invite the child to look carefully and remember the sequence of colors. Next, turn the card over, and the child will need to place the cars on the road by memory.

Марія Яремчук
Класна гра 😉
Super support. Merci wunderkiddy!
Vilma Simanavičienė
A great tool for teaching math and the concepts of "left", "right"
Amaro Omena
Uma ferramenta eficiente para ensinar habilidades matemática (conceitos de "esquerda", "direita")
Maria Luana
Разиля Рафилевна
Супер игра для познавания цвета, особенно подойдёт для мальчиков.
This is great! Great tool to teach “left - right” and colors also!
Una forma divertida de aprender 🤗
Genial, muy didáctico🤗