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Activity sheet «Math simulator»

Activity sheet «Math simulator»
Activity sheet «Math simulator»
Activity sheet «Math simulator» - Image 2
Activity sheet «Math simulator» - Image 3
Activity sheet «Math simulator» - Image 4
Activity sheet «Math simulator» - Image 5

A mathematical simulator for children from 4 years old, in which the baby will take the first steps in the arithmetic operations of addition and subtraction, will train mathematical thinking and attention. 

Print out worksheets with tasks and cut out sets of numbers and colorful flowers. The pictures show two bushes, above them there is a template of an arithmetic operation. The kid needs to place several flowers on one bush and several ones on another. Then put numbers that correspond to the number of flowers on the first and second bushes in the cells of the template, and then perform the necessary mathematical operation. For example: 

  1. On the first bush we place 5 flowers, and 4 on the second. The child substitutes the values «5» and «4», then counts the number of flowers on two bushes and gets the answer 9.
  2. We place any number of flowers on the bushes, for example, 10. We substitute the value in the first cell, then remove 6 flowers and count how many are left. We get the example «10-6» and the answer is 4. 

This task playfully will improve the understanding of arithmetic processes and help the child remember them visually, using the example of flowers. 

Christina Nicomedes de Freitas
17.01.2023 23:57
Boa noite! Gostei dos desenhos ,como eles são atrativos para exposição dos assuntos a serem trabalhados. Parabéns!
Марина Курінна
27.01.2023 16:46
Очень хорошая и продуманная игра. Использую ее в работе с детьми младших школьников — изучаем и повторяем таблицу умножения.
06.02.2023 10:07
05.03.2023 07:46
Great game
02.05.2023 08:25
Дуже крута гра