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Activity sheet «Winter Bingo»

Winter bingo will develop children's memory and make your learning activity exciting and productive. The material is helpful for the development of attentiveness, logic, and fine motor skills.

Print out the game cards and cut them into separate pieces. Do not cut the playing field with the contours of images. You can work with one playing field of 6 cards, or with several at the same time. There are several ways to use the material:

  1. Invite the child to identify the animals by contour and place the colored cards in the appropriate cells.
  2. You describe the card in detail (what shape it has, what color, etc.), and the child has to find this card and then place it in the cell.
  3. This variant is recommended for playing with a group of children. Connect all the playing fields, and divide the colored cards among the children equally. Next, show a random picture, and the children must find this card from their set and place it in the appropriate field. The winner is the one who runs out of playing cards and places them correctly on the playing field faster than the others.