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Worksheets «Count up to 5»

Worksheets «Count up to 5»
Worksheets «Count up to 5»
Worksheets «Count up to 5» - Image 2
Worksheets «Count up to 5» - Image 3
Worksheets «Count up to 5» - Image 4
Worksheets «Count up to 5» - Image 5

A mathematical game for 2-3 years old children «Counting to 5», which will teach your child counting within five in a visual and fun way, train attentiveness, and also help remember seasons.

To start the task, print out the worksheets that are visually divided into two parts. At the top of each page, there are a variety of images of items that characterize seasons. The child must carefully examine the images on top of the page, and then find and count the same objects. On the lower part of the working sheet, with a help of a pencil or felt-tip pen, the baby needs to connect a small icon of objects presented on top with a number corresponding to its quantity.

Pay the child’s attention to the fact that the images on each page correspond to a certain season. Ask him to name the illustrated objects and guess which season they belong to.

Iva Radošić
04.03.2023 11:32
Great and useful activity!
Aukse JJ
04.04.2023 17:32
thank you, good work:)