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Activity sheet «Colorful petals»

Activity sheet «Colorful petals»
Activity sheet «Colorful petals»
Activity sheet «Colorful petals» - Image 2
Activity sheet «Colorful petals» - Image 3
Activity sheet «Colorful petals» - Image 4

The game for preschool children «Colorful Petals» will teach kids to work with simple algorithms, repeating the task according to examples. The learning task trains fine motor skills and requires attention because the baby needs to look for the same colors and puts the petals in the right places.

In this task, the child should put colorful petals to make a flower, identical to the one in the example. At first, print the material for free and cut out the petals. You have 18 inflorescences that the baby will use as examples. Choose a random flower and ask the child to make the same one using the petals. When the task is complete, ask the child to name the colors of the petals.

Samia Sayadi
30.03.2023 12:00
Amazing worksheet! Thanks