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Activity sheet «Colorful circles»

Activity sheet «Colorful circles»
Activity sheet «Colorful circles»
Activity sheet «Colorful circles» - Image 2
Activity sheet «Colorful circles» - Image 3
Activity sheet «Colorful circles» - Image 4
Activity sheet «Colorful circles» - Image 5

The learning game for children from 1-2 years old «Colorful circles», will teach kids to work according to given algorithms. During the game, preschoolers will practice fine motor skills, mindfulness, and learn colors. You can print the material for kindergarten activities for free on our website.

First, cut out colored circles and two blank templates to fill in. It is necessary to place colored chips in a particular order, repeating according to finished samples.

Choose any pattern and tell the child to repeat it. The child should look carefully at the order of colors on the finished sample and use the same colored circles to create its replica on his own. Ask the child to name the colors he used after he had completed the task.

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