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Activity sheet «Colored dominoes»

Activity sheet «Colored dominoes»
Activity sheet «Colored dominoes»
Activity sheet «Colored dominoes» - Image 2
Activity sheet «Colored dominoes» - Image 3
Activity sheet «Colored dominoes» - Image 4
Activity sheet «Colored dominoes» - Image 5

A game for the development of a child of 3-4 years old according to the domino principle will help to consolidate the acquired knowledge about colors, train thinking and fine motor skills. 

Print the game material and cut out the rectangular cards (domino elements) on which various colored objects are depicted instead of dots. Each color is associated with a number from 1 to 6. 

Rules of the game:

  1. Turn the cut dominoes over and shuffle.
  2. Each player chooses 6 cards from the set. 
  3. The first player to make a move is the one who has more dominoes of the same color. For example, if the first player has 7 greens, and the second has the most yellows – 5, then the first player makes the move. 
  4. The player places any card from the own set on the playing field, and the opponent must answer the move from his set and attach the same color to each other. For example, if dominoes with red and purple colors are placed on the field, then you need to answer only with a card with any of these two colors. 
  5. If the participant's cards are over or there is no desired color for the move, then get them from the inverted set. 
  6. The winner is the one who runs out of cards faster. 

At first, the child can play the game himself, building chains of cards by color. After mastering the rules of the developing game, it will be possible to play it together. It will add an element of competition and make the gameplay more fun.

Rinal Patel
01.06.2023 12:16
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