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Activity sheet «Autumn Lotto»

Activity sheet «Autumn Lotto»
Activity sheet «Autumn Lotto»
Activity sheet «Autumn Lotto» - Image 2
Activity sheet «Autumn Lotto» - Image 3
Activity sheet «Autumn Lotto» - Image 4

The game «Autumn Lotto» for children from 3 years old will teach them to recognize objects by their contours and develop observation skills. In addition, the task will train attentiveness, thinking, and fine motor skills. 

Print out sheets with playing fields and colored cards. In the task, it is necessary to set cards where the outline objects match the color image. The child needs to compare the silhouettes with the images on the cards and put them in the appropriate places on the playing field. Ask the child to name the animals and other objects on the cards when the task is complete.

Socorro De Guzman
01.09.2022 14:34
Very accommodating
01.11.2022 05:51
Very beautiful