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Worksheets «Autumn Counting»

Worksheets «Autumn Counting»
Worksheets «Autumn Counting»
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Worksheets «Autumn Counting» - Image 3
Worksheets «Autumn Counting» - Image 4
Worksheets «Autumn Counting» - Image 5

Math worksheets for children from 4 years old «Autumn Counting» will help revise counting within 10. Print out a developmental task that allows the child to understand how number denotes the number of objects. 

On the worksheets, the left column shows cells that contain different items. The right column shows numbers. The baby has to count objects in the cells and draw the line to the number corresponding to their quantity. 

Before the lesson, ask the child to count verbally from 1 to 10. And then name the numbers on the sheets, which are placed in random order. It will help to revise the acquired knowledge and practice before the task.