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Build a Pizza Preschool Activity

Educational game Pizza Making is meant to develop imagination, creativity and fine motor skills by children at preschool age. The task is to make your own pizza from the given ingredients.

Print the template for creative activity Pizza Making and cut out all ingredients. If you need more ingredients, print several pages with images, carefully put them together and cut out several copies at once. The page with pizza is a playfield. Let a child be creative and make his/her own pizza. Play, have fun and enjoy WUNDERKIDDY!

17.04.2023 09:08
Sunbula Amonqulova
09.05.2023 12:46
This method was useful for me. I love my children very much, but I don't know how to spend time with them or teach them useful things. Now I know that this website and its resources have been extremely helpfull. Thank you for the valuable and peaceful information.
31.05.2023 20:25
Oh, I wish I knew this card when we celebrated pizza day with my class - I was looking for something like this and I couldn't find anything good. I will use it next time for sure!