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Activity sheet «Vegetables»

Activity sheet «Vegetables»
Activity sheet «Vegetables»
Activity sheet «Vegetables» - Image 2
Activity sheet «Vegetables» - Image 3

The educational game will introduce children from 3 years old to vegetables. With this activity, children learn that vegetable crops can grow underground or above ground. Print out a task that will enrich the vocabulary of children on the topic «Vegetables» and expand their understanding of the world of plants.

Cut out round chips with images of vegetables. Learn them with your child. Explain to the baby that some vegetables can grow below the soil and some above it, give examples. 

On a page, you have a bed with empty cells. The child needs to guess where the fruits grow and sort them. To do this, he needs to put the chips with vegetables in the empty cells. Give the child a hint, if he needs help. When the baby has sorted all the vegetables, ask him to name them.