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Vegetables Sorting Activity for Kids

Vegetables Sorting Activity for Kids
Vegetables Sorting Activity for Kids
Vegetables Sorting Activity for Kids - Image 2
Vegetables Sorting Activity for Kids - Image 3
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These kindergarten vegetables worksheets will familiarize children from 3 years old with vegetables. Thanks to this activity, children will learn that plant vegetables can grow underground or above ground. Print out the task, which will enrich children's vocabulary on the topic «Vegetables» and expand their understanding of the plant world.

Cut out the round chips with pictures of the vegetables. Explore and revise their names with your child. Explain to your child that there are different vegetables that grow underground and above ground, and give examples.

A garden bed is shown on the working field. The child needs to guess where the vegetables grow and sort them. To do this, put the chips with vegetables in the empty cells on the bed. As the child arranges the chips, ask him or her to name the vegetables. If necessary, help him/her to identify where a particular vegetable grows.

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