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Worksheets «The bear and raspberry»

Worksheets «The bear and raspberry»
Worksheets «The bear and raspberry»
Worksheets «The bear and raspberry» - Image 2
Worksheets «The bear and raspberry» - Image 3

A mathematical simulator for children from 5 years old «The bear and raspberry» will teach a child to calculate mathematical operations of addition and subtraction within 10, using illustrative examples. Print out a math task to practice math thinking and fine motor skills.

In the task, you need to calculate how many berries the bear ate and how many are left. Explain to the child what addition and subtraction of numbers are, how to solve them, and show the symbols for these operations.

At the top of the picture is a template for a mathematical sentence to make. Put numbers and signs «+» or «-» there. Use cards with berries to teach your child to do these actions. For example, the kid needs to calculate 2 + 1. Ask him to count and put two berries in the appropriate slots, then add one more berry. After that, tell him to count all the berries to get a result. Tell him to put the card with the number in the cell to indicate the answer.

Cristina Mihaela
13.03.2023 14:31
I like this worksheet very much
Aveen Jamo
03.04.2023 19:27
I like it