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Activity sheet «Organizer»

Activity sheet «Organizer»
Activity sheet «Organizer»
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Activity sheet «Organizer» - Image 7

The educational game «Organizer» will help children from 3 years old develop logical thinking. Print out the tasks that will teach sorting various objects into groups, according to the common features or purposes. The game will also be helpful for developing mindfulness, and fine motor skills and enriching the vocabulary.

In the task, a child needs to sort the items into groups and place the cards on the appropriate shelves. You have six groups of objects: fruits, toys, gift boxes, medicines, sports items, and school supplies. One of the items is already on the shelf, as a hint.

To start the game, you can choose two or three groups. It will make the task easier. Shuffle the cards and ask the child to sort things and put them on the shelves. Later, you can complicate the task by adding more groups of objects.