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Activity sheet «Organize shoes»

Activity sheet «Organize shoes»
Activity sheet «Organize shoes»
Activity sheet «Organize shoes» - Image 2
Activity sheet «Organize shoes» - Image 3
Activity sheet «Organize shoes» - Image 4

The educational game «Organize shoes» will help children from 3 years old to enrich their vocabulary on the topic «Clothes» and tell about different types of shoes. Besides, the game will help develop mindfulness since it requires attention to the smallest details.

Print the material for the learning game in PDF format and cut out the necessary pairs of shoes. The worksheet shows shelves with silhouettes of various pairs of shoes (sneakers, shoes, boots, etc.). The Child should put the shoes on the shelves, in the right places, matching the color images with their silhouettes. When the task is complete, ask the baby to name the colors of each pair of shoes and tell where men`s and women`s shoes are.

18.01.2023 19:56
I liked the idea
18.03.2023 09:47
Tare bun pentru dezvoltarea atenției!!!