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Activity sheet «Numbers»

Activity sheet «Numbers»
Activity sheet «Numbers»
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Activity sheet «Numbers» - Image 3
Activity sheet «Numbers» - Image 4
Activity sheet «Numbers» - Image 5
Activity sheet «Numbers» - Image 6
Activity sheet «Numbers» - Image 7
Activity sheet «Numbers» - Image 8
Activity sheet «Numbers» - Image 9
Activity sheet «Numbers» - Image 10
Activity sheet «Numbers» - Image 11

Worksheets «Numbers» for training children's writing skills from 4 years old will teach children to write printed numbers from 0 to 9. The task will train fine motor skills, visual-motor coordination, and cutting skills.

Print out the learning kit for writing practice and have your child cut out the numbers on the pages. Before starting the task, review the numbers. Each number has dotted lines that indicate the sequence of movements required to write it. Each dotted line has a number so that the child can understand in what order to trace them. It will help them to remember how to write printed numbers. You can also ask the child what color each number is.

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Very good and informative site for children, on this site children can develop to learn something new and useful, I highly recommend the site.
mali yakovzon
30.01.2023 08:52
Excellent game
We laminated it, then went over it with paints and erased...