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Activity sheet «Logic tables»

Activity sheet «Logic tables»
Activity sheet «Logic tables»
Activity sheet «Logic tables» - Image 2
Activity sheet «Logic tables» - Image 3
Activity sheet «Logic tables» - Image 4
Activity sheet «Logic tables» - Image 5

The printable game «Logic tables» fits for studying and reviewing colors, geometric shapes, and emotions. Print out a set of tasks that will effectively train logical thinking, attentiveness and fine motor skills. 

Cut out the necessary game elements and review the colors, shapes and emotions with the baby. You need to fill out two tables. 

  1. The first table will help to refresh knowledge about colors and geometric shapes. Columns of the table show shapes and rows show colors. To fill the cells, match their position at the intersection of the column and row. And place the figure of the appropriate color in the cell.
  2. In the second table, you need to place colored emoticons. The columns of the table indicate color, and the lines indicate emotion. Place a smiley in each cell, corresponding to the intersection of the column and row of the table.
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The worksheets are very valuable
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j'adore !