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Activity for Kids Bee and Flower

Activity for Kids Bee and Flower
Activity for Kids Bee and Flower
Activity for Kids Bee and Flower - Image 2
Activity for Kids Bee and Flower - Image 3
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The educational board game «A bee and a flower» for children from 4 years old will help to consolidate the acquired counting skills. Board games for kindergarten also train attentiveness and fine motor skills.

Print out the PDF material, cut out the cards with bees and make a playing dice with numbers using the template. The purpose of the game is to help the bee get to the flower by going through the squares of the playing board.

The game rules:

  • The game can be played by up to 4 people.
  • Place each participant's bee cards on the hive square.
  • One by one, players must roll the dice. The number rolled on the dice corresponds to the number of steps. The child has to move his bee by the number of bushes shown by the dice.
  • There are two special squares on the playing field. When stopping on them, the player moves his bee according to the arrow.
  • The player whose bee gets to the flower first wins.

The game will quickly engage kids' interest and allow them to revise and practice counting skills while counting the steps on the playing field.

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Dóra Sike
This activity sheet will be the first board game for my grandson for his 4th birthday. I hope we'll have fun together.
Tiwi Djusti
Lembar kerja ini sangat membantu saya ketika bermain dan belajar dengan anak saya.
Nandhini kavirajan
Excellent board game for kids
It will be the good game ❤️ thank you
Besten Zineb
Cette activite est exellente
really fun game to play with kids