Groundhog Day Activity

Groundhog Day Activity
Groundhog Day Activity
Groundhog Day Activity - Image 2
Groundhog Day Activity - Image 3
Groundhog Day Activity - Image 4
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The groundhog day worksheets are meant for preschoolers to develop their attention, memory and concentration ability. The groundhog day game suits well for kindergarten activities, as well as for home preschool learning.

  • Print the worksheets and cut out the colored groundhog cards.
  • Choose one of the sheets you prefer to play with:
    • with silhouettes
    • or with shadows.
  • Then invite your child to pick one colored card and put it on the matching silhouette or shadow.

Then go on with the other cards. Let your child take his/her time for this game and if necessary make a brake, to keep your child from getting tired.

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