Access to 2 500+ educational materials and activities for children.

Printable learning games for kids

Preschool age is the time of children’s rapid development. They are curious and ask numerous questions, they want to know how different tools and facilities work, and they have a huge interest to nature. This is the time to develop various skills that will be essential at school. The most effective way to learn in this period is play. While playing, children easily memorize new information and gain new skills, without tiring learning. 

Activity sheets and games for kids

We have created many learning games for different preschool ages, in order you can choose an appropriate complexity level for your child. All the games are also divided into categories (pre-writing, math, logic, fine motor skills, etc.) and subjects (nature, animals, food, transport, etc.). By type of activity you can find puzzles, cards, cut out templates, worksheets, etc.

Most of the learning materials WUNDERKIDDY are free of charge, print them in high quality, play and learn with children in kindergarten or at home, without boring and tiring learning, but having fun and joy.

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