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Activity sheet «Ice cream»

Activity sheet «Ice cream»
Activity sheet «Ice cream»
Activity sheet «Ice cream» - Image 2
Activity sheet «Ice cream» - Image 3
Activity sheet «Ice cream» - Image 4
Activity sheet «Ice cream» - Image 5

The game for children from 2-3 years old «Ice Cream» will help develop attention, imagination and counting skills within 10. The developmental task is useful for improving children's fine motor skills and color perception. 

Print the material for the game and cut out the necessary game elements: ice cream balls and cups. Pages with images of the ice cream balls must be printed in several copies. The game can be played in two ways:

  1. The first method is aimed at the development of attention, where the baby should repeat by the scheme. First, make a scoop of ice cream using an unnumbered cup and colorful balls. For example, take a cup and place the balls on it one after the other. Now ask the child to make the same portion of ice cream, following your example. In the process, ask the baby what color of ice cream balls he uses.
  2. The second method will help practice counting skills. The kid must take a cup with a number on it and add the ice cream balls into it, the quantity of which will correspond to the number on the cup. This method will also help the child to be creative and independently choose the colors of the ice cream.
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