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Template «Water droplets»

Template «Water droplets»
Template «Water droplets»
Template «Water droplets» - Image 2
Template «Water droplets» - Image 3
Template «Water droplets» - Image 4
Template «Water droplets» - Image 5
Template «Water droplets» - Image 6
Template «Water droplets» - Image 7

A mathematical set of illustrations «Water droplets» will help 2-3 years old children to learn and remember numbers from 1 to 10 and practice counting skills.

Print and cut out the cloud and drops with numbers. They can be used as demonstrative material for studying numbers. Show the baby a drop, name the number, and repeat several times. The child must remember the number and recognize it. You can also place a rain cloud on the wall so that the child visually remembers the numbers and their order.

When the child learns all the numbers well, you can come up with interesting games, for example:

  1. Put a few droplets under the cloud in numerical order and ask the baby to name the numbers on each drop. Calling them in turn, he will learn to count.
  2. For preschoolers who have mastered sequential counting, place a droplet with a random number under the cloud and ask the child to pick up the droplets with the numbers that come before and after it.
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