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Worksheets «Solar system»

Worksheets «Solar system»
Worksheets «Solar system»
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The developing set of tasks «Solar system» for children from 4 years old will train the kid's mathematical skills. And also develop fine motor skills, attentiveness, and logical thinking. Print out a learning kit for preschool with 7 fun activities on a space theme.

  1. A set of eight cards with space objects. The child needs to count space objects on the card and choose their number among three options.
  2. Greater Than and Less Than. The worksheet shows the planets of the Solar system. Above each planet is a number showing its order in that system. The kid needs to put the signs «>» and «<» between pairs of planets, comparing values of their serial numbers.
  3. Learn addition and subtraction within 10. Each planet has a math example to solve. After that, the baby should place a rocket with the correct answer on this planet.
  4. Handwriting practice for kids. The child should draw a dotted line from an astronaut to a planet using a pencil.
  5. Developing logical thinking and memory. Look at the chain of planets, cut and place a planet between the other two, according to the chain.
  6. Training hand-eye coordination. Draw the right path through a maze to help the rocket to get to the center.
  7. Count groups of space objects in the picture.
22.11.2022 15:51
Hello, today I gave my child printed games. I see how he got very carried away. Now I have more free time, and the child has a way to develop. Thanks to printed games for kids, there is a chance that the child will master the education program faster. Thank you for creating such a thing.
24.11.2022 15:17
Hello. Yesterday, I gave my son printable games for toddlers. And I understood that this game is interesting for children, and I understood that this game can develop logic and thinking.
19.03.2023 10:52
Ogretici bir calisma
22.03.2023 06:57
Yine harika bir etkinlik tesekkur ederiz 😍
15.04.2023 06:33
This is awesome
22.04.2023 15:38
Everything connected with solar system is a great idea for children-they LOVE it!!! Always :D