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Activity sheet «Right or left»

Activity sheet «Right or left»
Activity sheet «Right or left»
Activity sheet «Right or left» - Image 2
Activity sheet «Right or left» - Image 3

Activity sheet «Right or Left» will help children from 3 years old understand the concept of direction and learn to distinguish «right» and «left». Preschoolers will improve their ability to recognize the direction of movement or the placement of objects in space, using images of animals.

Learn and repeat the names of animals with your child, and cut out cards with their pictures. The activity sheet has two columns. One column points to the left, the other to the right. Explain to your child what these directions mean and how to determine them. The purpose of the task is to determine which direction each animal is facing. Shuffle the cards and ask the baby to sort the animals into columns, according to the side they look in. Invite the child to name the animal and the direction.

Aukse JJ
06.04.2023 16:58
Good to do with kids, I am happy from this.
El Amri
29.04.2023 21:18
Super fichier, merci 👍