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Worksheets «Penguins»

Worksheets «Penguins»
Worksheets «Penguins»
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Develop children's graphomotor skills together with New Year's penguins. «Penguins» writing worksheets are suitable for children aged 3 to 7 years to prepare their hands for mastering calligraphy. For babies 1-2 years old, we recommend using worksheets without pencils and tracing the lines with a finger, which will be helpful for the development of fine motor skills.

The Christmas penguin worksheets have different difficulties. You can print easy worksheets with simple lines or more complex with curves for older preschoolers. During the first lessons, use one or two worksheets, and increase the number of graphomotor exercises step by step. So the child will get used to writing tasks and will not get tired.

29.03.2023 21:07
Muthis bir çalışma 👏👏
17.04.2023 06:06
The worksheets are very valuable
M. Jovita
26.04.2023 14:35
Cute penguins.