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Worksheets «Outline a shape»

Worksheets «Outline a shape»
Worksheets «Outline a shape»
Worksheets «Outline a shape» - Image 2
Worksheets «Outline a shape» - Image 3
Worksheets «Outline a shape» - Image 4

Worksheets with the sketches will help kids develop their graphomotor skills and introduce them to the world of geometric shapes and figures. The task should be printed for 3-4 years old children who are just starting to learn how to outline the first contours with pencils or felt-tip pens. 

The pages depict geometric shapes and their dotted outlines. Before starting the developmental task, consider the presented figures, name them and think about the surrounding objects that have the same shape. After that, the baby should thoroughly outline new figures on the worksheets along the dotted contours, and then paint them with bright colors. Such exercises perfectly train mindfulness, diligence and visual-motor coordination.