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Worksheets «Insect silhouettes»

Worksheets «Insect silhouettes»
Worksheets «Insect silhouettes»
Worksheets «Insect silhouettes» - Image 2
Worksheets «Insect silhouettes» - Image 3
Worksheets «Insect silhouettes» - Image 4
Worksheets «Insect silhouettes» - Image 5

Worksheets «Insect silhouettes» for the development of children from 4 years old will train attention and fine motor skills and introduce kids to new specimens of insects. Print out a set of worksheets consisting of four A4 pages. 

The pages of the task consist of two columns. Insect specimens are on the left column, and their silhouettes are on the right. Ask the child to name the insects he has known, and introduce him to the new ones. In the task, he needs to match the image of insects with their silhouettes.

Tell the baby to draw lines with a pencil to form pairs. You can also cut out the cards and form pairs by putting them together. Children will need attention to the smallest details to complete the task successfully. Also, you can ask your child to guess which insects can fly and why.

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