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Activity sheet «Hot tea»

Activity sheet «Hot tea»
Activity sheet «Hot tea»
Activity sheet «Hot tea» - Image 2
Activity sheet «Hot tea» - Image 3
Activity sheet «Hot tea» - Image 4

The math game «Hot Tea» for the development of children from 5 years old will teach how to perform addition and subtraction within 10. Print out this free activity for kids to help develop math and fine motor skills.

You have teapots with numbers and lots of cups with mathematical operations. In the task, the child has to find out from which teapot to pour tea. The kid must solve the examples on the cups. The result is equal to the number on one of the teapots.

Ask your child to put the cup next to the teapot with the correct number. Pay your child's attention that the number on each teapot can be the answer to several examples. This will help to demonstrate that adding or subtracting different numbers can have the same results.