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Activity sheet «Find a shadow»

Activity sheet «Find a shadow»
Activity sheet «Find a shadow»
Activity sheet «Find a shadow» - Image 2
Activity sheet «Find a shadow» - Image 3

A toddler game for children under 3 years old «Find by the shadow» will introduce the baby to fruits and vegetables, expand vocabulary and practice logic. 

To prepare the educational game, you need to print and cut out two types of cards: color versions with images and ones with the silhouettes. The child needs to recognize the fruit or vegetable by their shadow and to put a color card with the right image on it. During the game, offer the child to name fruits and vegetables and recognize their colors. The task has a positive effect on the development of logical thinking and mindfulness.

24.11.2022 08:02
Hello. I bought a didactic game for my 3-year-old child. Very interesting. The child likes it. And most importantly, I see that the child remembers, thinks, develops. Thank you!
Körmendyné Felkai Gyöngyvér
28.01.2023 12:52
A kártyákat munkamemória fejlesztésére is fel lehet használni!
05.02.2023 11:23
Моя в захваті! грає із задоволенням
Bea Oliveira
26.03.2023 01:25
amazing activity