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Animal Shadows Matching Activity

Educational lotto game Animal Shadows is meant to develop logical thinking, imagination and attention to details. The task is to find the right shadow for each animal, matching by contour.

Print activity sheets and cut out colored cards. Do not cut out the sheet with shadows, it will be a game board. Together with a child, look at the colored cards and name all animals. Then ask a child to find matching pairs and put colored cards on their shadows.

To make the game more complicated, mix all the cards and announce an animal. A child should find a card with this animal and then find its shadow. To fix cards on the game board, you can use magnets or velcro.

Iva Radošić
28.02.2023 12:53
Another great activity.
masszazs 25
11.03.2023 16:00
Its helpful. :)