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Activity sheet «Caterpillar»

Activity sheet «Caterpillar»
Activity sheet «Caterpillar»
Activity sheet «Caterpillar» - Image 2
Activity sheet «Caterpillar» - Image 3
Activity sheet «Caterpillar» - Image 4

An educational game for children from 3 years old, «Caterpillar» will help to revise colors and train fine motor skills. Print out the task that will teach preschoolers to work with simple algorithms, repeating after templates. It will help develop logical thinking and attentiveness.

The goal of the task is to make a multicolored caterpillar according to the finished example. Cut out the necessary game elements and repeat the colors before starting the game. Choose any caterpillar and offer the kid to make an identical one. He needs to pick up the colored segments in the correct order. As the child builds the caterpillar, ask him to name the colors he has used.

Also, the task can be performed by ear without showing the child the finished template. Name the colors needed to build the caterpillar one by one.

Evelin Villanueva Rodriguez
31.08.2022 01:43
La experiencia es fantastica los recursos son completamente grandiosos para brindar un aprendizaje significativo
Samia Sayadi
13.03.2023 08:40
Ecellent activities! Thanks
Aukse JJ
11.04.2023 08:33
Thank you
C m s
02.06.2023 09:00
Good color making sheets