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Easter Egg Matching Activity

Fun matching game Easter Egg Design is created for children at preschool age and develops their logical thinking, attention to details and concentration ability. The task is to find the right place for each Easter egg by its design.

Print spring activity sheets and cut out cards with eggs. Then ask a child to look at the play board with design segments and find the right place for each Easter egg, matching by pattern. To fix eggs on their places, you can use velcro.

Daisy-Mae Sears
26.03.2023 08:27
My child has learned so much from these materials
Наталья Заккалюжна
17.05.2023 20:53
Дуже гарні ідеї. Дитині 1 рік, а він у захваті від різноманітних ігор. Дякую Вам!!!