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Learn Colors Worksheet

Learn Colors Worksheet
Learn Colors Worksheet
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Learn Colors Worksheet - Image 4
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The preschool game with clothes pegs is designed for children to learn and memorise colours. The aim of the game is to identify the colours of the objects and place them in the corresponding circle segments.

Print out the game template and cut out the game pieces: a large circle and sets of round cards. There are 4 sets of objects to play with: stars, colour cards and funny monsters. Attach the cards to the pegs and ask your child to place them on the segments of the circle that match in colour. As you play, name the colours to help your child remember them. 

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Radimir Dimitri
These printable games for kids are great for teaching your child coloring accuracy without making a lot of mistakes as they are precisely designed, making it easy for your child to learn coloring and acquire coloring skills.
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